PSP Hi-Flow CNC Aluminum Hot Side Charge Pipe (Outlets) for N54 Powered 335i, 335xi, 335is

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Hi-Flow CNC formed aluminum outlet for the N54 powered BMW 335i & xi

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The ORIGINAL and Best Hi-Flow CNC formed aluminum outlet for the N54 powered BMW 335i, is & xi.

The OEM or ANY outlet utilizing 1.5″ primary pipes become restrictive resulting in pressure drop above 400 CFM and will support 300-360whp efficiently depending on various factors.  Air becomes turbulent and restrictive above 300mph and you want to keep the velocity under that ceiling for maximum efficiency.

A 400whp car is producing 350mph of air speed +- out of the primary pipes and  1.5″ is resulting in both slower spool and pressure drop in the form of resistance. As the whp and cfm increase the losses become greater.

The OEM collector has a 2.5″ merge which will support 900 cfm efficiently, thus the largest restriction lies within the primary pipes.

The PSP outlet features reverse cone CNC-machined V-Band flanges that maximizes efficiency while minimizing turbulence.  This CNC flange was designed to work with both OEM turbos and high-flow ported options alike.

The base of the CNC flange utilizes a Viton o-ring for a worry free high temperature seal coupled with OEM V-Band clamps.

The 2″ OD aluminum pipes are CNC mandrel bent with a focus on turbo outlet and merge collector flow. Utilizing 2″ primary pipes substantially increases the whp and cfm threshold of the outlet. As an example a 500whp car is seeing air speeds of 440mph +- with the 1.5″ outlet, whereas the PSP outlet is well under the turbulent threshold at 240mph +-.

The pipes flow into the best collector available on the market, a long smooth merge ensures maximum cfm capability through the 2.5″ OD collector pipe.  The PSP 2″ primaries are meticulously flared out to match the 2.5″ collector perfectly as illustrated below. There is no neck down on the collector like other offerings in the market further reducing the CFM capabilities.

The PSP hi-flow outlets are made in the USA and are tig welded and fitted by expert craftsman.

Experience lower WDGC, faster spool and an increase in HP all without the worry of failing silicone.

The absolute best hot side charge pipe available for the N54 powered 335.

Outlets include:

  • Front & rear turbo pipes
  • 5mm thick 4 ply aramid reinforced silicone coupler
  • 2 Stainless steel T-bolt clamps
  • 2 Viton o-rings
  • DEI gold heat reflective tape


These outlets will fit all stock frame/manifold turbos such as:

  • OEM turbos
  • Hexon RR500, 550, 600, 700
  • Pure stage 2, stage 2 hi-flow
  • VTT stage 1, 2, 2+
  • RB turbo ones, twos, next gen, next gen plus, super stealths
  • Frankenturbo F21Bi (front turbo clocking may be required)
  • TTE 550, 600

NOTE: If you have MMP Stage 3 turbos or similar you will need to purchase N54-335-HCPS3


3 reviews for PSP Hi-Flow CNC Aluminum Hot Side Charge Pipe (Outlets) for N54 Powered 335i, 335xi, 335is

  1. Zach (verified owner)

    These things are beautiful and American made! Install takes some time as all outlets do, but to not have to worry about blowing out another set of silicone outlets, these are worth every penny. They have a better build quality than the China made competitors, especially at the collector! Mine are installed on my Pure stage 2 hi-flow turbos and fit like a charm! I also appreciated the quick response time PSP had when I asked questions via FB messenger. Great product guys and worth the $!

  2. Daniel

    Installed on a 335i with TTE550 turbocharger. Perfect fitment and very high quality.
    I had only 2-3 times the problem with the o-ring from the 1st turbo. It’s really tricky to hold the oring in the pit when you install the outlet when the engine is installed in the car.

  3. Cornelius James (verified owner)

    Excellent craftsmanship. Would recommend these any day over those silicon outlets that will melt over time. Install took about 4hrs. Clamped right on to a pair of pure stage 2 turbos no issues. Money well spent.

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