PSP 600ic Front Mount Intercooler for BMW E60 535i


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PSP 600ic built specifically for the e60 535i BMW.  No additional bracketry, hoses, or couplers required. Everything needed for installation is provided including built in trans cooler relocation brackets.

The 600ic was designed with stock turbos in mind but will support 500whp with ease. Utilizing our proprietary Super High Density 7″ bar and plate core the 600ic delivers outstanding performance.  That being said fin density is only one part of intercooler design. Increasing fin density will increase pressure drop unless you offset the increase in density with an increase in internal flow area. Just increasing the density of the core will lower the CFM threshold of the intercooler.

As such careful consideration was placed not only on overall volume but internal and external charge row area as well. The 600ic has an impressive 72% larger core compared to the OEM unit.  Internal area is also increased at 82% to ensure superior flow and intercooler efficiency with minimal pressure drop.

PSP intercooler cores are optimized not only from a fin density standpoint but also from an internal area aka CFM standpoint. This makes them some of the best performing units available anywhere.

The 2.5″ inlet and outlet diameters were chosen for maximum intake tract efficiency. This is based on the CFM capabilities of the stock Mitsubishi TD03 turbos.

The 600ic comes standard with a hi-flow mandrel bent 2.5″ aluminum lower charge pipe. The charge pipe eliminates many restrictions within the factory unit further reducing pressure drop and increasing the CFM potential of the intake tract.  On the hot side an aramid reinforced silicone coupler is used to connect the fmic directly to the turbo outles.

The 600is is capable of besting many intercoolers at price points several hundred dollars higher.

Below is a graph depicting a 17-18 psi 3rd gear pull with ambient air temperature in the low 60’s.

  • Starting at 79*f
  • Mid pull the IAT drops 4*f to 75*f
  • End of 3rd gear the IAT is still at 79*f
  • Shifting into 4th IAT’s settle at 82*f


*trimming of the shroud is required for installation


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