PSP Quick Release -8an Trans Line Oil Cooler Fittings


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PSP quick release trans line oil cooler fittings with integrated -8an hose ends now available for BMW cars equipped with the ZF6HP19/21 six speed auto and the GS7D36SG seven speed DCT transmissions.

CNC 6061 T6 anodized aluminum fittings click into the factory trans line connectors converting to a standard -8an hose allowing you to run a larger cooler to help keep temperatures where they should be as you increase power or drive the car aggressively.

Heat is the number one contributor to transmission failures and in stock form these transmissions get hot.

No need to buy hose ends at an additional cost as they are implemented into the design of the fitting. Less parts, less work, less money and less bulk compared to competitors in the market.


E8X 6 speed auto and 7 speed DCT

E9X 6 speed auto and 7 speed DCT

F8X 7 speed DCT


Sold in pairs.

*Hose not included.



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